The Opportunities I’ve Had While in College

Drake has given me SO many opportunities while in college.  I have trouble fitting it all on one page on my resume.  I’d like to share two of the opportunities I’ve had while here at Drake.

Drake Relays

Every April, Drake University becomes the hub for track and field.  High schools, colleges, even Olympic athletes travel to Des Moines to compete in track and field events at the Drake Relays.  My freshmen year I was fortunate enough to get involved with Drake Broadcasting System.  This club is responsible for broadcasting one of the largest student produced programs in the country.  They stream races live on their website and local TV.  The coolest thing is that it’s entirely student run.  I was given an all access pass during the Drake Relays.  I could go anywhere and videotape anything.  This pass was better than what major networks like ESPN got.  I also got to go on the field where all the races where happening and record reporters interviewing athletes.  As a sophomore I was given even more responsibility and produced packages that were aired during the Drake Relays.  Now as a junior I’m excited about the next year will hold.


My dream job is to produce or direct the Today Show.  I’ve had this dream ever since high school and I watch the show everyday.  Iowa is know for the Iowa Caucuses.   Media comes from all over the country because this is the first state in the US where ballots are cast.  I’m not from Iowa so February 2016 was the first time I experienced it.  NBC came to town and they were looking for some production assistants to help during their multiple broadcasts.  I had put my name on a list of who was interested in helping and they contacted me!!  I could not believe it.  I was going to work for NBC.  This is by far the coolest experience I’ve had while at Drake.  I was responsible for helping out with anything and everything.  From running to FedEx to get more signs made in time for Morning Joe to picking up talent from hotels I did it all; and I loved every second of it.  The worst part though – I signed a contract that said I wouldn’t take any photos.  When I met Matt Lauer it was so hard not to ask for a picture with him. But I do have my memories and my press pass.  The most important thing was that I made connections with people who work at NBC and who work on the Today Show.  The dream I’ve had since high school may actually become a reality in the future because of this opportunity.